Video: Sulfur II

Finally could re-edit this one in a shorter version than the original which was about 20 minutes long! I recorded this thinking in my bachelor’s degree project and in my work as a lecturer in a workshop. In both times I left the process longer so I could explain as I talked about all the details of the execution and process.

Sulfur II had a very chaotic, experimental and somewhat uncertain development that made me doubt about even recording this, but I’m glad I did because it shows exactly how part of my work can be too when I don’t have any sketch or concept in mind, just a vague atmosphere. What I wanted to picture was the moment before or after Sulfur III (I did that one first, haven’t shown it yet) where molecules attract each other to gather inside of her torso rising the temperature. So it was an ambiguous atmosphere what I had in mind, cold and warm but overall shimmering and tremulous. I used almost the same picture as in Sulfur IV and sometimes I regret this but as it was a close up more than a background display I think it works fine.

P.S: I’m very sorry for the bad quality, I lost the original clips. Forgot to back up those before my laptop died :/


Sulfur II from Marcela Bolívar on Vimeo.