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Video: Sulfur II

Finally could re-edit this one in a shorter version than the original which was about 20 minutes long! I recorded this thinking in my bachelor’s degree project and in my work as a lecturer in a workshop. In both times I left the process longer so I could explain as I talked about all the […]

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Mercury II: an insight

Mercury was the second part I did for this series but is the one that starts the story line. This particular artwork was done after I could define colors and elements on Mercury I (which I have yet to show), and the main idea was to deliver a very dense atmosphere, with strong shadows depicting […]

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Today is the day! (at last)

After lots of difficulties and dramas my thesis will be finally revealed to the public here in my city. The opening will be this evening, but I’m only nervous for tomorrow when I present it to the jurors to evaluate it. I know most of the people who reads this blog isn’t even in my […]

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Ceniza / Ash (details)

It’s been a while! As always I’ve been submerged in tons of work, ideas, photos, textures. My brain is feeling at the edge of a shut down, not kidding. All I can do is breath deep, listen to some music and then start over again. Right now I’m assembling the book so the frenetic creative […]

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