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A furnace sealed

I find incomprehensible how some people focus on the fact that I use my face and my body to cut and paste photos giving them a sense. The truth is, I’ve rarely done self-portraits, with everything they represent I mean, and do not talk about that nonsense of “unmasking oneself” which everyone ends up obsessing […]

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Bones remain

This one was relatively simple but I had to craft it two times to get it right. The first one was not so detailed and unpolished nothing like the sketch, so I had start over again. I meant this one to be a styling detail, some sort of exo-eskeleton making part of her face, or […]

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Some weeks ago

[ENG] I have some entries waiting to be finished but since I just started the artworks for my portfolio and I’m preparing a one month workshop (yeah, I’m going to be a teacher lol) I haven’t had time for anything else. These are some behind pictures of the photoshoots I had during june/july ( I […]

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A sleeping tree

La semana pasada hice un descubrimiento insuperable.  Desde hace un tiempo he estado bordeando la desesperación tratando de encontrar un lugar con un mínimo de encanto para tomar fotos. Tenía pensado –por comodidad y cercanía- ir a un pequeño sitio detrás de mi casa, pero abandoné la idea visitando otros lugares mucho más lejanos y […]

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