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Video: Sulfur II

Finally could re-edit this one in a shorter version than the original which was about 20 minutes long! I recorded this thinking in my bachelor’s degree project and in my work as a lecturer in a workshop. In both times I left the process longer so I could explain as I talked about all the […]

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Mercury II: an insight

Mercury was the second part I did for this series but is the one that starts the story line. This particular artwork was done after I could define colors and elements on Mercury I (which I have yet to show), and the main idea was to deliver a very dense atmosphere, with strong shadows depicting […]

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For the curious ones

I did the last photomontage very simple to learn how to record my screen and show my process. I think is a good idea for my portfolio showcase later. This one is really simple compared to my normal compositions but it shows mainly how I work. There will be more videos for sure!! Practice from […]

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Blind godhead

First I have to say that I hate, I hate I HATE showing pics of my works in progress. I feel naked. Scrutinized.  But I take this as a therapy for my insatiable need of secrecy and mystery in everything I do. I guess is ok for this project. And another good reason is because […]

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