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Savage temple

I’ve always strived to show some sort of raw fervency in what I do, even when I tend to over-think my compositions (I know, I know) I try to display […]


It all started right after my HD melt down back in 2009. I started to craft mask after mask and only two -counting this one- I actually liked. But, as […]

Mercury II: an insight

Mercury was the second part I did for this series but is the one that starts the story line. This particular artwork was done after I could define colors and […]

Bones remain

This one was relatively simple but I had to craft it two times to get it right. The first one was not so detailed and unpolished nothing like the sketch, […]

Blind godhead

First I have to say that I hate, I hate I HATE showing pics of my works in progress. I feel naked. Scrutinized.  But I take this as a therapy […]