Thesis exhibition

What a clever title huh.

I still feel last week as something unreal. Is so strange for me spending so much hours alone thinking and composing to then see all these images being shared and discussed by lots of people around me… is overwhelming. It also brings some nostalgic feelings when I remember the first ideas, sketches, and even the creation of this blog which had in first place the purpose of tracking my progress with this project.

The pics are divided in 4 parts, which were the 4 days the exhibition lasted.

First, some pictures of the opening, I know it doesn’t show (I didn’t take the photos) but there was a moment when the place was unbelievable crowded, heat raised and I met lots of people I wouldn’t expect being there. (I actually never expect that whole crowd being there) I’m immensely grateful and touched.

Second day was the academic part where I presented my thesis project to the jurors. I was very scared and I know for sure I stumbled in lots of parts… but I got good comments in general so nothing to worry. (I’m still waiting the “verdict”)

Third day was the meeting where I explained my concepts and process to public in general. And last but not least some more “clean” photos of the place and the framed artworks.