The Lost Prince bookcover

This was very fun to do, lots of fantasy and dark elements to work with! Plus, I got to record again my process.There’s a lot of work done on the background but I had to keep it short and focus on the boy and details.

Music on the video is made by the very talented Jorge Gállego Lorén, you can hear more of his work here:

The Lost Prince bookcover from Marcela Bolívar on Vimeo.


  1. Absolutly wonderful work. Congratulations, this is a wonderful book cover and an interesting video !

    • marcelabr (Author)

      Glad you liked it ^^

      • You know, seems that anything you do, I’m huge fan… Always a pleasure to discover your new pieces. As you talked about it in your description, the background is also very interesting, heavily dark… and the (choice of) colors on the foreground make a intelligent contrast.

        • marcelabr (Author)

          <3 !! I had so much fun in the background, almost wanted to leave the image alone hhehe. Thanks for your words Pierre.

  2. Ana

    Es absolutamente genial!! Apenas lo vi tuve una sensación inmediata de fantasía, y aún así no tiene elementos obvios y repetitivos que uno relaciona directamente con lo que ya se hizo en lo fantástico. Pura esencia, es hermoso