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Mercury II: an insight

Mercury was the second part I did for this series but is the one that starts the story line. This particular artwork was done after I could define colors and elements on Mercury I (which I have yet to show), and the main idea was to deliver a very dense atmosphere, with strong shadows depicting […]

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Blind godhead

First I have to say that I hate, I hate I HATE showing pics of my works in progress. I feel naked. Scrutinized.  But I take this as a therapy for my insatiable need of secrecy and mystery in everything I do. I guess is ok for this project. And another good reason is because […]

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Remembrance of Things Past

Music had a stronger influence in my artworks years ago; sadly it became a comfort zone so I started to explore inspiration on more personal thoughts and points of view. Obviously music has always been there and will be, and from time to time there’s an artwork inspired solely on someone else’s expression, shared an […]

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