Hello! so, is time for a sneak peek of the first part of the series.This project is shaping up more quickly now and I see it more clear even when I don’t  want to plan everything and just let it flow. I’m very inspired nonetheless.

These are close ups at 80% – 100%.



  1. Oh my… gosh. The closeups are absolutely gorgeous. :D

  2. Marceeee, joooo, no nos dejes así! Quiero verla enteraaa! Se ve fantástico… no tengo palabras… ¡que gran manera de empezar el día, viendo esto! <3

    • Marcela (Author)

      jajaja lo siento, ya revelaré una pronto, pero pienso dejar este proyecto en las sombras hasta el final. Muchas gracias Mario, me alegra que te emocione (:

  3. Beautiful!
    So deep and mysterious!
    Your jobs deserve to be very recognized.

  4. Beautiful, but to simple, before your art was more exciting, You do a better job, but the inspiration…. (change of vision). anyway congratularions for your work!!!

  5. Bravo!
    The best is at it’s greatest!
    The greatness just got better of it’s best!
    Thanks for the sharing!
    Pleasant times!

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