Savage temple

I’ve always strived to show some sort of raw fervency in what I do, even when I tend to over-think my compositions (I know, I know) I try to display that feeling not only stylistically but in essence. I like then to enfold those wild elements in constructed, man-made “veils”(it can be garments, masks or objects), which can be traps but that always wind up being owned by a non-human spirit.

The balance between the Apollonian and Dionysian has always been out of reach in most human minds, some fall in the madness of reason and anxiety, and others in the illness of abandonment and agitation. Even so, the irrational trail is for me the purest one, and since my likeness for maenads grew, it was clear to me they embodied the sense of a human body in shape but not in essence; a body that is taken compliantly by feral forces and in trance, enlightened.

This image was actually really quick to assemble, taking the photographs and making the props however took me some more time and patience but everything went very fluidly, so much that I suddenly found myself at new year’s eve with my hands glued to the thyrsus I made in a creative frenzy. I also collected some branches for the crown but decided to not put any leaves so it wouldn’t be so overbearing because of the snake. It ended up looking like a some simple brushes.


I made the thyrsus out of a real beautiful stick I found which I used as a base to sculpt a sort of prothesis. I know thyrsuses don’t really look like this, but I wanted something a bit more special. Then I added some real plants and branches and of course, the cone ;)