Remembrance of Things Past

Music had a stronger influence in my artworks years ago; sadly it became a comfort zone so I started to explore inspiration on more personal thoughts and points of view. Obviously music has always been there and will be, and from time to time there’s an artwork inspired solely on someone else’s expression, shared an interpreted again visually.

I did this image at the same time as The First Crown a month ago on a very  spontaneous process. I finished this in two nights only… and almost burn my carpet.



A shame I didn’t saved more steps.

Ved Buens Ende is such a cherished band for me, on my first years taking photos and creating new stuff I played their songs all day long wanting always my visions to share the same atmosphere they created in their always original compositions. Dark, twisted, elegant, irrational, raw and at the same time refined is how I feel the sounds of these amazing musicians.

Remembrance of Things Past makes part of their only full length work Written In Watters

I have touched winds…
I have touched sorrows…
(I touched the devil once…)

…and I have touched the past…”

This makes part of the latest release of EXCEEDS a photomanipulation group at DeviantART.