One year of my blog! / little tragedy

This blog is turning 1 year this month. The exact day was the 13th, but it was impossible for me to stop a moment and change my writing rythm (thesis). And no, I´m definitely not a multitasking person! I wanted to thank the ones that take a little time to leave an opinion, a commentary, or just to take a moment to watch this place, I never imagined to have such precious interactions through this, because I don´t consider myself a “blogger” or something alike, so it is ALWAYS a surprise for me and a great feeling to see one of you saying hi or leaving a comment on any of my entries. For another year!

This was the first day (:

Now, one of the reasons for not updating and not stopping for a second is because I´m composing the book with all the images for this series, plus a long body of text. Everything was fine until my laptop decided to die on me. JUST NOW. Fortunately enough I did a thousand back-ups of all the thesis (this will never happen to me again) but even so, I didn´t had any computer to work on. Now I´m practically stealing my dad´s laptop (which barely can handle InDesign) and a great friend of mine lend me her old one to do the last retouches in Photoshop. Everything´s slow but steady now, I really miss my never-complaining Toshiba, but well, that was my luck at this last days of hard work.

Cheers! (It´s actually 8 am but my room is really dark. And I have no proper face to show these days :p)