New website

Finally a proper web space! It took its time I know, but I really got fed up with my “I’ll do it later” attitude regarding this. Got to say again, I learned more about wordpress in 4 days than what I did in almost 2 years with the other blog. Feel free to report any information gaps, bugs or suggestions (keep in mind I’m VERY FAR from being a web designer). That said, thanks to my dear friend Luis for his help and time.
Bye bye graydecay!

It’s been a pretty busy time after my graduation, I don’t like to talk much about my life (this would get really dull) but I can assure you I haven’t stopped creating any day, actually ideas have been attacking me constantly and I’m noticing that I’m filling my notebooks much more faster than in past years. On the other hand, I’m becoming very dependent on it, I don’t think is good that my memory can’t simply keep up with the images I’m thinking of… obviously the major part of these doodles won’t see the light.

I have a collection of new works to show, part commissioned and the other personal, the first are part of musical projects that haven’t been released yet (and not finished in the inside design), and the second part I decided to save them for Hysterical Minds’ new projects. I think is better this way, I remember years ago I wasn’t able to finish something and keep it for myself for a while, I always felt this urge to share it with everyone to then notice flaws I wasn’t aware about during the emotion of accomplishment. Now after doing a 15 image collection and keep some of them for almost a year and half in the shadows I’ve tamed that rush.

And… talking about series, I’m starting a new one (kind of). I write this down to force myself to complete it! Right now I’m in that phase when you try to see a new world in your head, but is behind a thick wall of fog. I’ll get through it ;)