Getting ready

First, I got a brand new NIKON D5000 for this new proyect, pheew! I’m a total noob with SLRs but I learned by now how to adjust lots of stuff it wasn’t possible with my old Canon S3 IS. I’m in love!

Second, I made myself a new notebook of stolen paper from work (yay) and carton to start working on a more detailed level in my ideas. I hope to start photoshoots within two weeks. So this week will consist on purchasing and collecting props and more importantly MODELS. I have a few girls on my mind I hope they have the time to help me out. I’m writing all those lists for now.

And… self-portraits with SLR’s are though to pull off. Tried. Textures from my last post :)





Back to my notebook




  1. Marceeee estás que no paras!! la primera imagen me encanta, es muy onírica! Felicidades por tu nueva cámara, ahora podrás dar un salto hacia la alta definición XD
    Son para tu tesis, o te ha dado un ataque creativo?

  2. I absolutely love your Art & the unique & beautiful approach you take at making self – portraits. I hope to move up to using a D SLR soon I thought about getting a Nikon but I figured out that the lenses would be more expensive than Canon ones in the long run so I’m hoping to get a Canon EOS Rebel XSI. Congrats on the new camera!


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