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Mercury, Sulfur & Ash (series)

Mercury, Sulfur & Ash is a personal series of 15 images where a physical and psychic transformation is evidenced through three alchemical elements.
In order to graphically synthesize this transformation I focused on the signs of three states or phases whose essence is deeply analyzed in Paracelsus’ treatises.
Mercury: The transforming agent. (Fusibility and Volatility)
Sulfur: The bonding agent. (Flammability)
Salt: Solidifying agent/substance. (Fixation and non-combustibility)

For example, when a piece of wood is burned, the effects reflect its constitution. The smoke reflects mercury, the flames reflect sulfur, and the ash reflects salt. This transformation was my basis for condensing the line of narration where there are 3 instances and 3 female bodies as vehicles and recipients of these transformative agents. Inspired also by the dreamlike and surreal conceptions of Guy de Maupassant and Santiago Dabove, this series allows us to unite the dream with the bodily world and melt them into another hallucination, where everything, although detained in images, decomposes and disappears in time.

Sulfur I Sulfur III Sulfur III Sulfur IV Sulfur V Mercury I Mercury II Mercury III Mercury IV Mercury V Ash I Ash II Ash III Ash IV Ash V

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