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Altera Natura

My MA thesis project Altera Natura, is a fusion of botanical elements from an extensive photographic and personal archive of plants from Colombia, Central Europe and East China. The creation of this parallel nature thought as a botanic expedition into an uncharted territory proposes a new dialog between flora and mankind. Taking Cicero’s and Taegio’s definitions of unprecedented relations between man and nature, a new flora is designed as an anthropogenic nature where the evolution takes an unexpected turn through the exploration of vegetal forms. A world in which plants are the most resonant reflection of human dominion over nature, and its attempts to contain wilderness.

Have we transcended that which is natural? Is today’s flora a human artifice? Which new dialog could there be between mankind and a re-imagined nature? This series represent the stark legacy of the Anthropocene and the nostalgic lost sense of wonder and discovery. A reality where plants present themselves in an ambiguous existence.

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