First-time teacher

A Photo-illustration workshop I was invited to teach in my university, ended some weeks ago.  It was difficult while planning it to standardize all the creation processes,  more if the base of it would be a popular software like Photoshop, because is obvious that is very easy to search for any tutorial to learn any trick on the internet. So I realized it was pointless to solve complicated problems in this software, it was more important to carry a coherent process from my personal experience approaching a photograph to compose it next to others.

From lightning coherency, through focus, blur, to the distortion of elements, perspective etc., the key was to have a sort of record of all the steps and realize how on these digital tools not everything is automatic as many would think. It takes analysis, decisions, mistakes and corrections to take a group of different images to make part of one message.

Therefore, the workshop wouldn’t focus on how to add astonishing effects that could mislead the transformation of the image but on analyzing and conceptualizing from the beginning, where one wants to take the planned composition, and for this, even explaining it through my personal processes, there are no first or third steps, nor wrong or right executions, the idea was to embody the lessons with the student’s previous experiences.

It was thrilling to see the results and to hear some students saying they see more clear now how to “start” dealing with images that seemed impossible to blend together. All in all, it was a great experience!