Dispelling the fog

Some days ago I shared 10 textures free of use (you can download here). The idea is obviously sharing some of my personal resources that might be useful in any context but it also prompted an insight of how I use textures normally and how important they are in my images.

Dowload here

FREE texture pack

Many may think textures make easy and cool backgrounds or give rich final touches -both are true and I undeniably take advantage of that- but with time I’ve realized that the most essential role they play in my images is exactly when I’m starting something and I’m trying to dispel the hazy fog of shapes, ideas and atmosphere I have still undefined in my head.


With textures and brushes you not only can define where the light might come from but give the first attempt at coloring (it might change or not later).



Is such a vital step for me to take, it might kickstart an artwork and give life to it instantly making the rest of the work more fluid and natural, allowing putting new elements into it to be more of a mechanical task, where I have my background texture as a guide to blend with. It is for me the most instinctive and truly artistic part of what I do, to break through that layer of blurry visions and start seeing everything finally clear.