Ceniza / Ash (details)

It’s been a while! As always I’ve been submerged in tons of work, ideas, photos, textures. My brain is feeling at the edge of a shut down, not kidding. All I can do is breath deep, listen to some music and then start over again.

Right now I’m assembling the book so the frenetic creative days are much lighter now. Funny thing is that after all these months of composing, sketching, taking pictures, placing textures, distorting shapes, I am completely unable to articulate a sentence with some sense. And all that, just now when I need to complete all these dissertations.

At the same time I feel a bit nostalgic. Sometimes I surprise myself looking at all the time and effort I put into each piece, sometimes without even wanting to, without even noticing or translating that into the final product. It’s been a year of lots of lost ideas, new ones on hold, unfinished concepts and so on, that this series have catalyzed in me proving that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, this irrepressible impulse of creation I’ve had since so little won’t seem to stop soon.
Here’s the last part of the series. I’m showing the first complete ones very soon! Hope you like.



  1. My goodness, the detailing is incredible! I remember the entry you made a while ago featuring this bone mask! I’m excited to see the finish products. All your previews have been incredibly inspiring Marcela!

  2. i want to see the imgssssssss damn lol show me on msn!

  3. Ana

    Jajaja!! No sabes cómo me conecté con lo que dijiste acerca de no poder articular una frase que tenga sentido después de todo el trabajo xD El aislamiento es cosa seria O.o
    Como siempre… increíble!! No puedo esperar a verlo todo

    • Marcela (Author)

      Jajaja Anaa yo sé perfectamente que me entendés muy bien, ojalá pase esta racha, me siento como toda una tullida mental. Saludos (:

  4. alexei

    bufff…del carajo!!!
    y el resto???

  5. Hey nina, ya quiero ver esa tesis!

    • Marcela (Author)

      Lutooo muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Pronto lo verás todo :D de hecho te llamo en estos días porque estoy super perdida con el montaje :(

  6. Dale nina, a la orden!

  7. i really love all your work and am jealous of your skills, just thought you would like to hear that from a new fan….

  8. Autumn

    Very chilling and intriguing! It take me away.

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