New layout (again)

After much thought and feeling completely unsatisfied with the last layout I decided to change the whole design of this website. Much simpler as you can see but with more […]

New website

Finally a proper web space! It took its time I know, but I really got fed up with my “I’ll do it later” attitude regarding this. Got to say again, […]

Calendar 2012

It’s been a while since I wrote anything and is definitely time to move on talking and posting about this series, I think the calendar is a good way to […]

Video: Sulfur II

Finally could re-edit this one in a shorter version than the original which was about 20 minutes long! I recorded this thinking in my bachelor’s degree project and in my […]

Mercury II: an insight

Mercury was the second part I did for this series but is the one that starts the story line. This particular artwork was done after I could define colors and […]