Blind godhead

First I have to say that I hate, I hate I HATE showing pics of my works in progress. I feel naked. Scrutinized.  But I take this as a therapy for my insatiable need of secrecy and mystery in everything I do. I guess is ok for this project. And another good reason is because is one of the mandatory requirements on presenting this as my portfolio at uni.

So I have no scape anyway, even this blog will be part of the short passages of my monography.

The mask was made out of gesso gauzes, paper, carton, and details were made with polymer clay. My ways are not the most orthodox ones, I tend to have very messy processes, ‘cause I forget to buy some materials and end up using anything I have at hand, hehe.

I did this one inspired on linking earthly and ghostly elements. The mask cannot reveal a human face or emotion that’s why is blind, and it’s more of a proximity to an unknown god to me, or a forgotten one. It will be a character present in some illustrations I hope.