Granted sleep

It’s been a while since wrote a proper entry here.
Lots of words have been echoing in my head lately, but images end up suffocating any attempt of writing anything or even naming my own works.
I felt like talking this time about these series of photo-compositions done with different objectives but with a lot in common. These images were done on the last days of 2011 and in January, and there’s something about them that motivated me to experiment more with photography without relying so much on adding several elements or changing the backgrounds.

Something brought all these images to life: insomnia. And not exactly because I couldn’t fall asleep, but because I couldn’t rest. Sometimes dreams are so stressing and dense you wake up with your head full of strange flashbacks and your chest with moody feelings you can’t even explain.
Those were 4 days of almost complete sleep deprivation, and I’m glad I seized those nights with frenetic work, music and photos.

By that time I realized that there’s only a sort of dreams that let me rest completely, the ones that encapsulate parts of ordinary days and puts normal situations out of context. Funny to know, those are exactly the ones I forget the most.
Dense and complex dreams with stories out of the blue and with bizarre situations, the ones that pull me under in which I can feel is an eternity, those are the ones that stir everything inside my head and leave me affected by feelings I can’t exactly recall.

I realized too that these sort of dreams come for a period of time and then fade away. As in tides.

I talk this time about dreams because the strange feeling of losing the memory a great stream of images and stories, or just remembering them vaguely is what I wanted to portray in these images. Muted atmospheres and undefined silhouettes that are about to lose their shape and fade away.

“Dissolution” are a very spontaneous series of images I took experimenting with light. I doesn’t seem like it, but the original pictures had a very different lighting and color scheme. I guess that my yearning for sleep compelled me to change the atmosphere completely into something ethereal and foggy.

Not like in these two taken a long time ago but only edited last December. Again, a very similar atmosphere but slightly different colors and textures. I did the mask and took the pictures two years ago (where the heck time goes?) and the plants are from my backyard. I’ve been trying to control better movement effects, I’ve always loved blurry photographs where you see like in a movie still everything frozen for a second and about to move on the next one. I’m more and more tempted to make videos and portray this better.

Is more photography than anything since the only added elements are the plants…



“Buho” definitely makes part of that “dreamy” streak. Is no secret the immense fear I have for butterflies and my strong liking for masks (or the need to cover my face). Sooner or later I had to combine those two. “Buho” butterflies are pretty common in Colombia and I’ve always found them equally intriguing and scary. The evil eye meets its goal!


I wasn’t in the mood to spend days and days on a single image (call it “post-thesis trauma”) so these ones underwent a very similar and spontaneous process; first, color and lighting adjustments, then addition of new elements and finally a texture overlay from scans and brushes. Now after at least 5 months I can see how these experiments belong to the same world. I’ll keep doing photo-composites like these for sure, but for now I have more complex and juicy stuff in progress ;)




  1. “Moody” pictures is the word. But damn great bloody joly moody pictures is more accurate.

  2. Leer este texto tuyo fue como leerme a mi mismo. No sabes cuánto te entiendo en absolutamente cada uno de los puntos que mencionas…

  3. i just love how you combine psychology and art. you’re a genius ♥