Calendar 2012

It’s been a while since I wrote anything and is definitely time to move on talking and posting about this series, I think the calendar is a good way to close this subject for good! So I decided to make it compensating the fact I couldn’t find the time to make a more affordable version of the book for the christmas season. (That doesn’t mean I won’t make it later, I just want it to be perfect).

If you wish to order one go to this link:

Hope you like it!




  1. A truly epic collection. Im seriously considering producing a 12-piece body of work for my MA next year :)

  2. turekon

    I got one!! :D I love your art! thank you very much Marcela!

  3. IMELDa

    Eres super genial.

    Como puedo comprar un calendario? O una replica de tu trabajo..

    Me quede en “wow!”