Marcela Bolívar is digital artist specialized in photomontage techniques. Her compositions all based in photographs, undergo a complex process of transformation, assemblage and detailing that brings them closer to a pictorial expression.

Through personal symbols and mythological or imaginary figures, Marcela defines a solitary world where the wild covers itself with complex costumes, and the sumptuous forms of flora –her most recurrent inspiration- intertwine reality and fiction.



Marcela Bolivar‘s photo illustrations have a light touch — the figures and surrounding flowers, plants and fabrics appear to billow in the wind, as if they might be blown away at any moment. Sticking to a mostly pale color palette, Bolivar gives her characters an elegant essence. We see them morphing and changing their shape to blend in with elements of nature, as if they behold mystical powers we can’t quite comprehend.
Nastia Voynovskaya

If you wish to hire her for your personal or commercial project fill the CONTACT form or send her an e-mail at m4rcelab@gmail.com


  • Clients include: Random House US, Harlequin UK, PS Publishing UK, Centipede Press, Envato Ltd, Editorial Planeta, Revista Bacánika, Wacom Americas.
  • Bands / Musicians: Amethystium, Christian Engquist, Diminished 7, Fabulae Dramatis, My sweet Torment, Painlink, Hunted, Sidesteps, Malsain, Stardown.
  • Press / books: Advanced Photoshop UK, Advanced Photoshop Germany, Exposé 5,9,10,11, Curvy 8, Practical Photoshop Magazine, Bluecanvas Magazine, The Printed Blog, Photo Technique Magazine, Camera obscura journal, SYNK Magazine, Dark Realms Magazine.

Awards | Recognition

  • First Place | “Marea Digital 2013″ (Digital Art category), “Diseño en Palermo” | Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013
  • Cum laude award | Bachelor’s degree thesis Azufre, Mercurio y Ceniza | Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes Cali | 2011
  • First Place | Photo Technique Magazine Juried Exhibition: The Photographic Experience | USA | May 2011
  • Winner, Outstanding Amateur Photography Award | Camera Obscura. Journal of literature & photography | Vol 2 Winter 2010 | USA
  • Picture of the week | Advanced Photoshop Magazine | United Kingdom | August 2010
  • Excellence award in horror/surreal category | EXPOSÉ 5 Finest digital art in the known universe |Ballistic Publishing | Australia | 2007
  • First Prize in Photomontage category | Feria Nacional de Fotografía | Cali, Colombia | 2006

Lectures | Conferences

  • TEC Audiovisual | Workshop | Rionegro, Colombia.
  • Workshop Colombia | Agencia Enfoque Visual | Cali, Colombia 2013
  • Captured: Encuentro de fotografía | Instituto tecnológico de Monterrey| Conference – workshop | Monterrey, Mexico 2013
  • Cuestiones de Diseño | Universidad del Cauca | Conference | Popayán, Colombia 2013
  • Hoy es Diseño | Universidad ICESI | Photo-illustration Conference | Cali, Colombia 2012
  • II Encierro Nacional e Internacional de Fotografía | Escuela de Fotografía del Valle | Photo-illustration Conference | Cali, Colombia 2012
  • Semana del Diseño Javeriano 2012 | Universidad Javeriana | Photo-illustration Conference | Cali, Colombia 2012
  • Workshop: Photo-illustration and digital photo-montage techniques | Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes | Cali, Colombia 2010 – 2011